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Philosophy ba in Drexel university

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The Drexel philosophy program is organized around the idea that the study of philosophy should help students confront life's complexity. Philosophy classes at Drexel involve students in the active development of their reflective, creative, rational, logical, and linguistic abilities by engaging them with the problems of life and the world. The Drexel philosophy major is an excellent preparation for success in any field of endeavor that values thoughtful reflection, logical thinking, and clear communication about real issues and concerns. It is particularly valuable as a preparation for careers in education and law, or in graduate study in philosophy, or in fields related to philosophy like critical media studies, public policy, or science, technology, and society (STS).

Undergraduate Admission Application, Essay, Official Transcripts, Two Letters of Recommendation, Proof of Financial Responsibility, Portfolio, Writing Supplement, Test scores: ACT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, PTE

Policy analyst, Librarian, Advocate, Market researcher, Human resource advisor

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