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Bs biological sciences in genetics cell and developmental biology in Arizona state university tempe

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Genetics, cell and developmental biology are exciting, closely related areas of life science research. Genetics examines the blueprints of life (i.e., DNA sequence and gene expression) while cell biology studies the machinery of life enclosed within the boundaries of cells. Developmental biology uses genetics and cell biology to understand how genes and the environment interact to produce a whole new individual from a single cell, in addition to developmental changes that organisms undergo throughout life. Many diseases are understood through the study of genetics, cell biology and development.

Official high school transcripts, Top 25% in high school graduating class, Typical SAT scores: Math (520-640), Critical reading (510-630), ACT Composite (23-28), Average GPA 3.49

Animal breeder technician, Bioinformaticist, Biotechnologist, Cell culture specialist, Cloning technician, Crime lab technician, Cytotechnologist.

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