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Bs earth and space exploration in astrobiology and biogeosciences in Arizona state university tempe

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Astrobiology studies the origins, evolution, distribution and future of life in the universe. Biogeoscience focuses on the interaction of biological and geological processes on Earth at present and in the geologic past. These topics are closely related because the concepts of biogeoscience inform the study of planetary habitability and the search for habitable worlds. Therefore, the astrobiology and biogeoscience concentration in earth and space exploration is designed to offer students a strong foundation for exploring the interaction of geological and biological processes, how such interactions sustain life on Earth, and how they might operate on other planets. This scientific background is needed to contribute to the search for life on other planets as well as the exploration of extreme environments here on Earth. It also provides training in the interplay of forces that impact global change.

Official high school transcripts, Top 25% in high school graduating class, Typical SAT scores: Math (520-640), Critical reading (510-630), ACT Composite (23-28), Average GPA 3.49

NASA research centers, Biomedical, Environmental, Sustainability.

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