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Bs in animal behavior in Indiana university bloomington

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The BS degree in Animal Behavior includes courses from the different disciplines that study animal behavior, providing the interdisciplinary foundations students need to reflect on the consequences of different intellectual approaches to a single problem. Animal behavior is the scientific study of everything animals do. The field of animal behavior examines the causes, functions, development, and evolution of behavior including the stimuli that affect behavior, whether external (food or predators) or internal (hormones or nervous system). The function of behavior includes both the immediate effects of behavior on an animal, and the adaptive significance of the behavior in a particular environment. The development of behavior is concerned with how behavior changes over an animal's lifetime. The evolution of behavior is concerned with origins of behavior patterns and how these change over generations.

Diploma from an accredited high school, GPA on transcript, 200-400 words essay on academic and career plans and any special interest, IELTS/TOEFL for nonnative English Speakers

Research, academia, wildlife management and conversation, veterinary medicine, animal training and zoo management

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