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Ba anthropology in Augusta university

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Students learn to analyze material artifacts, preserve heritage, understand multicultural environments and solve problems related to globalization. Anthropology majors gain the varied skills needed to succeed in the increasingly complex societies and communities of the 21st century. The anthropology major prepares students for diverse careers in business, healthcare, education, government, NGOs, museums, historical preservation, etc. Anthropological skills and knowledge are in high demand today.

High School Transcript, official transcripts, resume/CV, references, official test scores, letters of recommendation, observation hour documents, supplemental applications, English Language Requirement: A minimum score of 45 reading, listening and writing sections is required for consideration for admission to Augusta University, Internet-based TOEFL of 45 to 78: Placement in English 1101Z, a special section of Freshman English for non-native speakers

Linguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Forensic Linguistics, Speech Therapy, Sign Language, Journalism, Writing, English Language

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