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Ba in communication and rhetoric studies in Oglethorpe university

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As a CRS major, you ll work on your own communication skills, from crafting a persuasive piece of writing to delivering a moving speech. You ll also learn to look at communication through a critical lens. Communication students analyze both text and subtext, separate fact from fiction, and break down the components used by other powerful communicators (both ethical and not-so-ethical, an important distinction). You ll emerge as not only a more effective communicator, but also a better-informed consumer of media and messaging today.

Completed application form, Official Transcript of High School Work, Recommendation Form and/or Letter of Reference, Essay, Copy of the Picture Page of Passport, Test scores: ACT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL, Declaration of Finances, Portfolios & Videos (optional), Interviews (optional).

Radio and Television Announcer, Broadcast News Analyst, Writer, Communications Teachers (Postsecondary), Public Address System and Other Announcers, Public Relations Specialists.

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