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Students are expected to develop a thorough understanding of micro and macro economic theory at the undergraduate level. Students should be able to apply their knowledge of economic theory and the tools of calculus to analyze economic problems and interpret public policy alternatives. Students are expected to understand the core methodological tools for working with economic data. These tools are presented in two courses required for all majors (statistics and econometrics). Students should be able to interpret and apply basic statistical and econometric methods and understand empirical papers of an appropriate level. Students are expected to use their knowledge of economic and econometric theory as foundations for exploring economic applications via a set of electives. When writing papers, students are expected to utilize economic data and research methods responsibly and to cite original work and source material appropriately. Students are expected to understand the differences between positive and normative economics. In particular, they should be able to distinguish cases where efficiency and equity objectives are compatible from those where tradeoffs are necessary.

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Data specialist, Account executive, Energy Policy Specialist, Mutual Analyst, Equities Trader, Investment Performance Associate

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