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Psychology bs in Arizona state university tempe

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In the BS degree in psychology at ASU's Tempe campus, students explore leading-edge issues about the brain, mind and behavior from a scientific, psychological point of view emphasizing quantitative skills. Students work with faculty and other psychology majors in a collaborative, diverse environment of coursework, research, and other engagement activities to explore fascinating questions as:-Can robotics explain how players field in baseball -How do stress and emotions affect adolescent adjustment -How do we recognize and regulate emotions -How does body image relate to eating disorders -How does chronic stress affect the brain -How has evolution shaped our choice of partner -What are the physical and psychological consequences of adolescent substance use

Official high school transcripts, Top 25% in high school graduating class, Typical SAT scores: Math (520-640), Critical reading (510-630), ACT Composite (23-28), Average GPA 3.49

Counseling, Social work, Analytical skills, Writing, Public speaking.

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