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Certificate in sales in Dublin business school

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The Certificate in Sales programme has been designed to provide the international student with a range of practical skills that complement theoretical knowledge studied. The curriculum also aims to provide students with the knowledge and communication skills necessary to operate effectively and gain future employment within the sales industry. Strong emphasis is placed on the acquisition of interpersonal skills necessary to deal effectively with customers and colleagues. This programme will also equip students with key skills in the area of sales such as time management, planning and organisational skills, and leadership skills. Graduates of the programme will have a well-grounded knowledge of sales that can be demonstrated and put into action in the workplace.

Should have completed at least 30 ECTS and also are required to have an English Language qualification at CEFRL B2 or above, IELTS scores.

Management will introduce the student to a range of studies (traditional and modern) which are useful in understanding people in the workplace. Sales & Selling aims to develop an understanding of management thinking on best practice in sales and of contemporary trends influencing selling and sales management whilst also broadening student understanding of the role of sales within the overall marketing process by addressing such areas as the sales environment, sales techniques and sales control.


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