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Certificate in arts administration in Covenant college

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Combining artistic ability and organizational leadership within a framework of stewardship, intercultural sensitivity, and arts advocacy, this certificate equips students to lead both non-profit and for-profit arts organizations in a variety of capacities. The quality of the Arts Administration Certificate is ensured with our currently contracted faculty and physical resources. By partnering each student with two different area arts organizations, students will be prepared to serve in an even larger number of contexts. Chattanooga houses a symphony, art museum, large community theatre, multiple granting/philanthropy organizations, and is more than capable of helping prepare our students for artistic administration.

A minimum of 126 credit hours.An institutional grade point average of 2.00 or betterThe fulfillment of all BA core curriculum requirements.At least 25 hours in upper-division courses.Compliance with all requirements in the major field, or major and minor fields.No grades below "C-" in the major, minor, concentration, or certification..A residence of one year and the completion of the last 32 hours at Covenant, with the exception that students in residence for three semesters or more may complete nine of the last 32 hours at other approved colleges.The payment of all bills, the return of all equipment and library books, and the completion of all chapel and Mark 10:45 requirements..For some majors, completion of the Major.Field Achievement Tests and other assessments of institutional effectiveness

management, fundraising, and marketing for performing arts centers, dance studios, orchestras, theater companies, opera companies, art councils, and cultural institutions.


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