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Diploma in coaching for performance in Dublin business school

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This programme is aimed at any individual who is, or intends to be involved in managing people or working as part of a team. It will also benefit HR Professionals with an interest in Performance Management or People Development. It covers the key principles of coaching and gives students the skills and confidence to coach, influence and motivate others in order to maximise their potential. On completion of the programme each student will have explored the key theories of performance maximisation utilising coaching, influencing and motivation. Each student will then develop the confidence to apply these skills with their colleagues.

Applicants for Diploma Programmes must be 18 years of age or over. There are no previous academic qualifications or experience required for entry onto most of the Diplomas, A copy of your GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) card, work permit (if applicable) and passport, IELTS scores.

Students are generally in roles where they are managing people and/or projects where it is important to get results through others. They may also be in Human Resources roles, particularly those involved with Performance Management or Learning and Development roles. Some students are not in management roles, but have aspirations to become coaches and this course offers a solid foundation for them.


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