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Diploma in arts creative writing in our digital age in Dublin business school

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Creative Writing and other forms of contemporary writing practice have become central to cultural consumption in the age of ubiquitous digital technology. This course provides a critical and practical guide to the wide variety of genres, forms, traditions, and outlets available to the modern creative writer and offers students a closely supported introduction to the art of research and writing in the digital age. Taught by fully qualified and experienced writing tutors, it is a primarily activity-based course that develops creativity and practical know-how but also works to sponsor critical and intellectually informed discussion of the formal, cultural and personal issues surrounding creative writing in the digital age. The diploma itself is open to a limited number of participants so places should be booked early to avoid disappointment.

Applicants for Diploma Programmes must be 18 years of age or over. There are no previous academic qualifications or experience required for entry onto most of the Diplomas, A copy of your GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) card, work permit (if applicable) and passport, IELTS scores.

The course will be of particular value and interest to those already engaged in or seeking an entry into creative writing, blogging, script-writing as a career. It also provides a useful study for those interested in contemporary, literary or digital culture. The course is also an accessible experience of creative arts education for those seeking a route into advanced level study.


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