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Advanced diploma in legal studies in Dublin business school

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The Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies is a one year Diploma programme designed for those wishing to obtain foundation knowledge of the core principles of Irish Law, perhaps with a view to pursuing a career in the legal field. The Diploma is geared towards students from non-legal backgrounds, together with individuals working in the legal field who have no prior formal legal education. The course will provide an introduction to the core aspects of Irish law and the legal system, as recognised by the legal profession. It is intended to provide an understanding of Constitutional Law principles, Contract, Tort, Criminal and Company Law issues and the law as it relates to property in Ireland, as well as European Law and Equity Students will study the law from a practical perspective and classes will be based on theory combined with problem solving situations.

Applicants for Diploma Programmes must be 18 years of age or over. There are no previous academic qualifications or experience required for entry onto most of the Diplomas, A copy of your GNIB (Garda National Immigration Bureau) card, work permit (if applicable) and passport, IELTS scores.

This programme will be of benefit to anybody seeking to further or even begin their legal education. Regardless of whether or not students wish to improve their employment opportunities, the core legal skills and understanding gained from the course will be beneficial to any person seeking further education in this area.


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