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History minor in Wesleyan university

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The minor in history offers students interested in history an avenue to gain coherent expertise in the field without committing to the nine-credit coursework and research required for the major. The department intends the minor to be an opportunity to offer students a cluster of courses organized along thematic, geographical, or temporal lines that establishes some depth in the subject, its modes of analysis, and methods of investigation.

Online Application Form ; Transcripts for high school Studies; Three recommendation letters from the persons listed on the online application; Essay Instructions: Please write a short (500-1000 words) essay; GRE (Graduate Record Exam) scores For GRE score reporting Wesleyan University s Institution code is 3959. The Department code is 0203. TOEFL scores: International prospective students only.

Public history and secondary teaching,Business and industry,Research assistant,Paralegal or legal assistant,Political campaign manager,Museum curators,Archiving.

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