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Bachelor of actuarial studies with the degree of bachelor of science with a major in environmental earth science in Macquarie university

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Environmental earth science encompasses all aspects of the environment where erosion, sediment transport and deposition play a role. This includes landscape processes, ecological function, environmental health and the distribution and remediation of environmental contaminants. You will explore soil formation and health, river processes and management, coastal zone geomorphic processes and management, pollutants and contaminants in soil and sediment. You will also interpret climate and environmental change from biological and sediment records. Our graduates are in high demand for environmental management, and for research. You can complete much of the major through distance education, particularly in the first and second years.

IELTS of 6.5 overall with minimum 6.0 in each band, or equivalent, GCE A level with 2 passes, IB of 18, Higher Secondary Certificate (Year 12), 50% average in best 4 academic subjects, OWA of 55-66%, Completion of WASSC/SSC with B grade average in 5 relevant academic subjects, ATAR of 96

Ecologically sustainable development officers, Environmental and geotechnical consultant, Land care and catchment management, Local council environmental officers, Researcher

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