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Double bachelors degree in life sciences track politics of life and identities in University of paris

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The course inevitably addresses the questions of bioethics raised by the evolutions and transformations of the living, in that they call for research on the very way of developing political regulations for these situations. But it also proposes to consider the effects produced by significantly increased efforts in bio-medical research, in connection with health policies, both in the life sciences and in the human and social sciences.

High school student, bachelor of previous years wishing to integrate a 1st year of License; Visas and residence permits; Insurance certificate; Access to medical care; Scholarships and financial aid; Language level: CEFR Level; Live in Paris accomodation expenses

Pharmaceuticals,Forensics and Medicinal Chemistry,Toxicology,Chemical Analysis,Research and Development,Teaching Secondary Education,Organic Synthesis.

11th Mar

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