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Fashion promotion and communication intensive in Istituto marangoni florence

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In this fashion course they learn key concepts in how to tell a story to promote fashion and luxury through traditional methods, and new media tools (social media, online platforms, viral content and many more).Participants analyse and experience key aspects of communication and promotion, learning how to transmit and spread a captivating image of the magic of fashion and luxury. In order to present an innovative and effective campaign they study image, trends, consumer habits and market research techniques through a complex mix of contemporary, cultural and aesthetic visual media. Via the study of semiotics participants analyse the world of verbal and non-verbal communication through the study of signs and the meaning of messages throughout different periods and cultures, and learn how to take simple gestures and turn them into influential promotional conversations. Fashion promoters are both creative and business minded.

High School Diploma or equivalent school certificate, the applicant s personal statement, a portfolio of work (if appropriate to the subject), IELTS-5(Minimum 4.5 in all bands)

PR manager, Event planner/manager, Marketing manager, Communication manager/director, Strategic media planner, Digital marketing manager

31st Dec

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