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Foundation in science in Mahsa university

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MAHSA s Foundation in science is a one-year programme that is specially designed for students who have successfully completed their Malaysian SPM, Mathayom Suksa 5, GCE O-level or equivalent. This one-year academic programme is a fast track A-level equivalent, structured along three semesters of studies. It is a well-balanced curriculum, designed in consultation with university partners, to ensure the successful integration of knowledge and skills, enabling a seamless transition into an undergraduate study of choice. It is designed to be both challenging and intensive, providing students with the knowledge and skills highly desirable by universities all over the world.

SPM/O-Level 5 Minimum grade B in Biology & Chemistry & Physics & Mathematics/Additional Mathematics and 1 other subject or SPM/O-Level Minimum 5 credits in Mathematics, 2 science subject and 2 other subjects



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