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There are 3 courses namely A: Introduction to Jewish PhilosophyMajor Topics: Philosophical foundations of Judaism; readings from classical and contemporary writers; major religious and national issues and philosophical concepts; first semester: basic beliefs; second semester: contemporary issues; B: Interpersonal RelationshipsMajor Topics: Ethics, charity, slander, revenge, usury; C: Jews in Medieval Spain Major Topics: Social, economic and communal development of various communities of Sephardic Jews. Each course is for 3 credits.

Students who wish to register for CollegeNOW must be high school juniors or seniors. Students must complete a brief online application and submit a copy of their high school transcripts prior to registering for courses. Online Application to be completed, The application fee is $65, payable online by credit or debit card, Submit your transcripts (both hard copies and soft copies)

Jewish Studies Majors enable graduates for further studies in law, education, business, and communal work, as well as prime candidates for rabbinical or cantorial school, theological studies.

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