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Gcse english language and literature year 11 in Dld college london

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IGCSE English Language and English Literature is an intellectually rigorous course suitable for students who are genuinely interested in exploring literary texts and who have good or very good written skills in English. You should enjoy analysing novels, poems and plays in class and in essays, and already be getting good marks for doing so. The qualification is very highly rated by schools and universities and combines two GCSEs: it is essential for students who want the option of studying English Lit in the Sixth Form. It is very strongly recommended for students who want to study any essay based analytical A level subjects, such as English Lang/ Lit, History, Politics, Classical Civilisation or Media Studies.

Minimum age requirement: 15,16 or 17, IELTS- 5.0


31st Dec

Brunel Medical School


University Canada West


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University for the Creative Arts


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