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Phd history and jd law in New york university

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These coordinated programs reduce the amount of time required to complete both degrees. The School of Law will count 12 credits of GSAS coursework toward the total of 83 credits required for the JD degree, typically allowing dual degree students to complete their JD coursework in five semesters rather than the usual six. Likewise, some law school coursework will count toward the PhD and MA program requirements, allowing students to accelerate the completion of those degrees. For students in the JD/MA program, both degrees are typically conferred at the end of four years (eight semesters) rather than the usual five years to complete both degrees separately. For students in the JD/PhD program, the JD is typically conferred at the end of the fourth year, while the student continues to complete the PhD requirements.

Online application, Statement of Purpose / Personal Statement, Official Transcripts and Degree Conferral, Academic Records and Proof of Degree, Test scores: GRE, GMAT, IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 90, Letters of recommendation, R sum or curriculum vitae, Financial Documentation.

Barrister, Barrister's clerk, Chartered legal executive (England and Wales), Company secretary, Detective, Licensed conveyancer, Paralegal, Solicitor. Heritage manager, Historic buildings inspector or conservation officer, Museum education officer, Museum or gallery curator, Museum or gallery exhibitions officer, Secondary school teacher.


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