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Ma criminal jurisprudence in Nanjing university

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The Law School, Nanjing University, was officially rebuilt in 1994. Its precursor was the Law School of National Central University, which was established in 1928 and became a leading institute in Chinese legal education and research as it graduated or recruited many famous jurists such as Xie Guansheng, Zhou Gengsheng, Qian Duansheng, Wang Tieya, and Han Depei. In the grand adjustment of colleges and departments of 1952, it was closed down.

Copy of undergraduate degree certificate or graduation certificate, or original document verifying the expected graduation for applicants who are yet to graduate, Copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (for scholarship students), Original or notarized copy of the full college academic transcript, Two letters of recommendation from professors in the academic area of study to which the applicant is applying, Copy of HSK certificate.

Police officer, Corrections Officer, Forensic science technician, Probation and community control officer.

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