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Master of business administration with a major in it management in New european college

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The Master of Business Administration (MBA), has become the academic career boost for both entrepreneurs and corporate workers. Globalization demands MBA graduates with a truly international business education.With our MBA in International Business you will gain the necessary skills and tools to be able to take over challenging positions with managerial responsibility. For students without previous education in Business the MBA is the perfect program to qualify yourself for managerial positions. IT Management experts are equipped to tackle the leadership positions within high-tech environments combining their strategic and operational understanding of technology and how it can enhance essential business processes.

Official Transcripts (240 ECTS), Official Degree, Passport, English Proof, Recommandation letters confirming 2 years of work experience

Accountants, Commercial Loan Officers, City Managers, Sales Managers, Human Resources Managers, Public Relations Specialist, Advertising Executive.

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