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Master in agribusiness management in Rome business school

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The Rome Business School s Master in Agribusiness Management is the ideal academic course for professionals seeking a world-class degree programme in these disciplines, leading to a successful global career in the agro network field (production, seed and crop, harvest and stock in agriculture, market of commodities, food supply chain, food and wine business). With the Rome Business School s international perspective, the programme offers a unique learning experience and a global professional exposure, enabling participants to study in one of the best cities of the world or online. The programme s quality teaching and networking services all contribute to make it the perfect fit for anyone who is looking to rise to the top in the world of farming, food production, or in the start-up agribusiness system.

A Bachelor s degree, At least 2 years of professional experience, Curriculum Vitae or Resume, Motivation letter, University transcripts, Copy of your Passport/ID, IELTS, TOEFL or similar certificate of proficiency in English.

Agricultural Inspector, Agricultural Manager, Agricultural Specialist, Agronomist, Aquatic Ecologist, Arborist


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