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Msc maritime studies in Nanyang technological university

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The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and the shipping industry have identified that the shipping practice and business in Singapore should be elevated in order to enter into the regional and global arenas. This is a strategic development that would uplift the local business practice and knowledge to a higher echelon in the international shipping scene, associated with business management, international shipping finance, chartering, and other related issues. This MSc programme is developed to fill the gap and provide post-graduate level and high-value education for professionals in maritime and related business; elevating them from local business management to one of the international and global business settings.

1st Class Honours for the relevant Bachelor s degree, GRE scores (V + Q) equivalent to or more than 319, GRE Analytical Writing Measure score (AW) must be equivalent to or more than 3.5, GATE percentile more than 90%., TOEFL ibT of 100, IELTS of 6.5,

Maritime Manager, Port Engineer, Systems Analyst, Systems engineer, Research intern

6th Jan

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