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Msc applied gerontology in Nanyang technological university

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The Master of Science in Applied Gerontology programme provides a holistic and advanced education in the rapidly expanding field of gerontology. It is designed for students preparing for a career in ageing-related fields or professionals who are working in ageing services settings. This graduate programme offers a interdisciplinary Asia focused curriculum. While the core curriculum focuses on the foundations of gerontology shared by many disciplines, the concentration courses and electives allow students to pursue learning experience complementing their individual professional interests.

1st Class Honours for the relevant Bachelor s degree, GRE scores (V + Q) equivalent to or more than 319, GRE Analytical Writing Measure score (AW) must be equivalent to or more than 3.5, GATE percentile more than 90%., TOEFL ibT of 100, IELTS of 6.5, 2 years of work experience

Gerontologist, Social Services Coordinator, Communications and Publications Coordinator, Project Specialist, Program Coordinator, Lifestyle Director

6th Jan

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