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Department of architecture in Kongju national university

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Students shall complete the designated preliminary courses if the major of their masters degree or doctors degree is not identical to the major of previous courses Please click on the courses of each department to learn about the preliminary courses

Bachelors degree scheduled certificates and transcripts, Certificate of Highschool graduation, High School Transcript, Certificate of University Graduation or Certificate of Completion, University Transcript, Both an applicant and the applicants parents should be own foreign nationality, The applicant should satisfy one of the following language criteria Level 4 or higher on TOPIK, 55 or higher on IELTS B2 or higher on CEFR, 700 or higher on TOEIC 600 or higher on TEPS 600 or higher on NEW TEPS, 530 or higher on TOEFL PBT, 197 or higher on TOEFL CBT, 71 or higher on TOEFL iBT, Passport Photo, Proof of nationality and family relations, copy of passport, documents for proof of financial support

Product Designer, TechFounder, RealEstate Developer, Urban Entrepreneur

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