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Double master in forest engineering and forest fires%2C science and integral management %28interuniversity uco ule udl%29 in University of cordoba

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In the current context in which forest spaces are developed, characterized, to a large extent, by the degradation of soils and natural sites due to intense and ancient exploitation, forest fires and environmental pollution, as well as the emergence of new activities around the natural environment, such as rural tourism or the use of forests as a source of clean and renewable energy, gives a strategic character to the optimization of the natural resources of the mountains, where this specialty plays an important role The training of professionals in this field must evolve to adapt to new circumstances with the aim of being able to respond effectively to the new functions that the Society of the 21st Century demands from forest areas These new social demands include the need to compensate for climate change, defend the soil, maintain and restore water balances, ensure the continuity of species of flora and fauna, improve the environment and obtain forest raw materials, both for its transformation by the industry and for direct enjoyment All this justifies the territorial, environmental, social and economic relevance of forest assets

Transcripts from the previously attended schools, Bachelors degree in the relevant subject from spanish univesity or equivalent, Curriculum Vitae, Spanish Language Profeciency (minimum linguistic proficiency, level C1, in the Spanish language)

Forest Ranger, Forestry Science Technician, Procurement Agent, Urban Forester

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