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Master%27s in foundations of education in Florida state university

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Master's In Foundations Of Education is a highly demanding and nationally prominent interdisciplinary graduate program created to support fundamental inquiry into the nature of education. Graduate students draw on the disciplines of history, philosophy, and sociology to analyze issues related to inequality in education. It is designed to produce professionals that are capable of analyzing the role of Education in the processes of economic growth, political development, and social change; examining Educational policy issues and locating their solutions within local and international contexts; and making informed contributions to contemporary debates about Educational theory and practice, and solutions thereto.

Statement Of Purpose, Resume, Three Letters Of Recommendation, Unofficial Transcripts, Research Statement, Minimum 3.0 GPA

Community education officer, Early years teacher, Education administrator, English as a foreign language teacher, Further education teacher, Learning mentor, Primary school teacher, Secondary school teacher, Special educational needs teacher, Teaching assistant

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