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Ms in biomedical engineering in Marquette university

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The MS in Biomedical Engineering would allow students to analyze the various disciples are required to completely understand the Biomedical Engineering graduate degree. The various discipliner like involving the application of engineering and mathematics to the solution of problems related to medicine and biology. Moreover Students can conduct research by the general areas of bioinstrumentation/computers, biomechanics/biomaterials, rehabilitation bioengineering and systems physiology. More specific areas of research include: artificial limbs/prostheses, biomaterials, biotelemetry, cell transport and metabolism, cardiac electrophysiology, computers in medicine, functional imaging (magnetic resonance, Xray), head and spinal cord trauma, hemodynamics, human motion analysis, medical and biological image analysis, physiological signal processing, rehabilitation engineering, systems physiology (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, neuroscience, pulmonary), tele rehabilitation, tissue engineering, hard and soft tissue biomechanics and transcutaneous power transfer.

Completed application form , Official transcripts from all current and previous colleges/universities, Essay and Three letters of Recommendation

Medical device industry, Research and development, Manufacturing and Technical documentation

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