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Ms in evolution ecology and behavior in Indiana university bloomington

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EEB program provides training in the evolutionary, ecology, and behavioral processes that underlie patterns of life and diversity. Their faculty research frontiers of fields such as population genetics and genomics, quantitative genetics, molecular evolution, evolution of development, phylogenetics, community and ecosystem ecology, ecology and evolution of infectious disease and symbiosis, microbial ecology and evolution, invasion biology, behavioral endocrinology, behavioral genetics, and sensory processes. It focuses on discoveries at basic science but also seek application of our research. They seek to train innovative, independent scientists who publish in toptier journals and win prestigious awards while preparing for rewarding careers in and out of academia.

Undergraduate degree in biological sciences or any related field, Laboratory experience, Official transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation

Wildlife Management, Zoologist, Horticulist, Oceanographers, Meteorologist, Microbiologist, Soil and Plant scientist, Ecologist

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