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Master%27s in asian studies in Florida state university

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The Master's In Asian Studies program provides students a unique combination of functional training and regional expertise. This degree equips students with the necessary skills to engage with private and public sector interests in Asia while solving global issues related to the region. The innovative balance of traditional area studies and functional training offers students a package of scholarly expertise and substantive skills that enhances the intellectual value and the marketability of their degree.

Minimum 3.0 GPA, Letter Of Recommendation, Personal Statement, Foreign Language Requirement with Certification.

Translator, Foreign Correspondent, International Sales, Foreign Student Advisor, Interpreter, Bilingual Editor, Customs Inspector, Journalist, Travel Agent, International Business, ESL Teacher, Immigration Agent, Embassy Personnel, Market Research, Study Abroad Coordinator, English Teacher Abroad, Importer/Exporter, Government Agent, Peace Corps Volunteer

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