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Mdiv hispanic and latino ministry in The catholic university of america

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The program in historical theology studies the development of Eastern and Western Christian theology from the earliest Christian communities to the present. Through the emergence of theology as a science in the 12th century West, the discipline of theology became systematized and eventually located in the setting of a university. Before, during, and after this development, however, the practice of theology included liturgical forms, preaching, treatises on the contemplative life and pastoral care, communal devotions, and diverse exegetical strategies. Throughout this history and increasingly in the modern West, the interplay between faith and reason and between philosophy and theology have remained central preoccupations.

Essay, High School Documents, Secondary school report with counselor letter, Official high school transcripts, Academic letter of recommendation, TOEFL 550-paper; 213-computer; and 80 Internet, IELTS score is 6.5

Graduates entering the job market can use their language skills not only in teaching, but also in marketing, including product and website localization and internationalization; in multinational corporations in fields like electronics, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and international human resources; in sales, particularly in the import/export field; in international law; and in the travel and hospitality industries. Students aspiring to graduate schools can learn to teach, translate, or interpret German, or they can apply their language skills to other academic fields such as literature, history, music, political science, business, communications, and philosophy.

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