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Interactive arts and technology phd in Simon fraser university burnaby

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This program offers a doctor of philosophy (PhD) degree in art, design, media and information technology with particular expertise in the computational and interactive aspects of art, design, new media learning, business, computer games, cognition, performing arts, social science and cultural studies. The program is geared toward students who wish to learn about technology and how it is made and used. The program has the quadruple objectives of: first, research and development of new computational technology in the context of complex human organizations and situations; second, research into the acts of designing, making, and managing technology; third, inquiry into and use of research methodologies that enable interdisciplinary collaboration and the development of new technologies; and fourth, application of new technologies in society and industry, particularly in creative areas of art, design, games and media.

A graduate degree in a field related to the proposed program of study, e.g. MSc computer science, MASc engineering (electrical, communications, computer engineering), MA or MSc in education, management, or economics, communications, MFA in art, design or performing arts, MA in art, art history, architecture, linguistics, psychology or philosophy, MArch, MLArch, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, three reference letters, Portfolio/Interview, Minimum overall average in the B+ range (76% or higher) in 3rd and 4th year courses, Three reference letters from suitably qualified persons,

Technical Program Manager, Associate Brand Manager, Concept artist, Website designer, Technical writer, User Experience Specialist

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