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Doctor of french language and literature in Nanjing university

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The School of Foreign Studies (SFS), Nanjing University, traces its history back to a three-year English program initiated in June 1917 which became a four-year program when the Department of English was established in 1920. Building on its academic heritage, SFS has now developed into an institution of seven departments: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and Korean, with a total enrollment of over 1,200 students in BA, MA, and Ph.D. programs designed for sustained learning and interdisciplinary opportunities.

Copy of master s degree certificate or educational level certificate, or original document verifying the expected graduation for applicants who are yet to graduate, Copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners (for scholarship students), Original or notarized copy of the full graduate study transcript, Two letters of recommendation from professors in the academic area of study to which the applicant is applying, Abstract of master s thesis in Chinese or English, Copy of HSK certificate .

Curator, Freelance Writer, Event Coordinator, Translator, Foreign Language Correspondent.


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