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Phd environmental atmosphere science in Pukyong national university

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The atmospheric science degree programs are designed for students interested in research and applications on a wide variety of atmospheric topics.Faculty areas of research include atmospheric chemistry and aerosols; climate modeling, processes, change, and assessments; cloud physics and radiative processes; convective-storm dynamics and modeling; extratropical cyclones and winter storms; precipitation and hydrometeorological processes; satellite and radar remote sensing; tropical meteorology and hurricanes; and weather and climate risk.This research is carried out in national field campaigns, in theoretical studies, and in numerical modeling efforts using a wide range of models.

Graduate students with master's degree who completed of PKNU Korean Language course 6 months or more(For students with 85% of the attendance rate and TOPIK level 3/4)

Environmental specialist, Environmental technician, Environmental science teacher, Marine biologist.

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