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Phd fisheries science institute in National taiwan university ntu

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The Institute currently includes a total of 24 concurrently appointed and concurrently faculty members. The teaching and research fields are based on basic research in aquatic biology and fishery bioscience. The field of teacher research is based on aquatic organisms. The research content covers nutrition and biochemistry, reproductive physiology, natural matter chemistry, fishery biology, resource management, water pollution, fish pond management, aquaculture disease prevention, biochemistry and molecular biology. The main research focuses on the basic science of aquatic and fishery organisms, with the development of modern biotechnology and disease prevention, focusing on environmental conservation and resource management, and considering the balance of the overall ecosystem, while also transferring research results to the domestic marine biotechnology industry.

Highest degree's graduation certificate, Highest degree's full transcript of records , Letters of Recommendation, Study Plan, Financial Statement, Certificate with a minimum TOCFL Superior Level 77 points or a minimum TOCFL level 4 Listening 62 point and Reading 66 points or the Old system HSK Level 8 or New system HSK Level 4 or or other equivalent Chinese proficiency certificate, IELTS: 5.5 or Above, TOEFL(iBT): 71 or Above.

Biologist, Fish Hatchery Technician, Intern, Observer, Industrial Fisheries.


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