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Aerospace engineering phd in Georgia institute of technology

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The AE doctoral degree is the most rigorous program offered by the School. In addition to completing 50 credithours of coursework beyond the bachelor's degree, you will be expected to develop and execute a unique research program that will enable you to produce a doctoral dissertation. You will work closely with some of the brightest minds in the field. In return, you will be expected to pass a demanding qualifying exam during your second year in residence, present a welldesigned thesis proposal, and successfully defend your research findings. Graduate students may specialize in the following areas: aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, aeroelasticity and structural dynamics, flight mechanics and control, propulsion and combustion, structural mechanics and materials behavior, and system design and optimization.

Academic degrees and records,The statement of purpose, Letters of recommendation, Resume,Relevant work experience

Aerospace engineer, Maintenance engineer, Manufacturing systems engineer, Materials engineer, Mechanical engineer, Automotive engineer, Control and instrumentation engineer, Energy engineer, Patent attorney, Production manager, Quality manager, Technical sales engineer

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