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Phd in english in Marquette university

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The goal of the Post Graduate English Program for the Students has acquired the skills to present coherent introductions to literary studies to new undergraduates, to offer engaging upper level courses in particular areas of interest, and to conduct sophisticated research suitable for publication and for dissemination in graduate studies. Finally Students would be able to study and learn, how to have a comprehensive and intensive knowledge of the literature, with specialization in one area (period, type, or author) of British or American Literature, knowledge of the textual, editorial, and critical problems and backgrounds of major texts and authors, together with a grounding in the principles of literary criticism, knowledge of the basic tools and methods of literary and linguistic research and training in their application, demonstration of this knowledge and ability in a number of advanced papers (ordinarily in graduate seminars), in the qualifying examination, and in a major dissertation evincing power of organization, significant exploration and discovery, and creative insight and imagination and knowledge of pedagogical problems and the literature thereof, and practical experience in the teaching of literature, rhetoric, and composition

Completed application form , Official transcripts from all current and previous colleges/universities, Essay and Three letters of Recommendation

Academics ,Journalism, Magazine Editor and Author

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