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Std sacred theology in Boston college

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Under the S.T.L., students refine their focus on a particular branch of theology and, then in the S.T.D., an even more specialized area of theology. After the extensive work required to obtain the two previous ecclesiastical degrees, S.T.D. students work even further to create an expertise in a specific area and to critically master the issues and methodologies of their area and discipline. The culmination of the S.T.D. is the doctoral thesis, which the student must defend at the end of his or her program. The thesis should be approximately 300 pages and make a real contribution to the progress of science and theological studies. In addition to the thesis and academic rigor, there is an important formation component to the degree. S.T.D. students spend at least two semesters as teaching assistants, learning the craft of teaching on the graduate level. Doctoral students also participate in the S.T.D. colloquium and other events intended to introduce them professionally and vocationally to the life of faculty and teaching within higher education.

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Further education teacher, Higher education lecturer, Primary school teacher, Secondary school teacher

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