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Phd in geology in Indiana university bloomington

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The Department of Geological Sciences offers doctoral graduate degree. Most M.S. students undertake thesis research, but a coursework and project report option exists. The faculty has strong multidisciplinary research interests that bridge diverse topics, encompassing fieldbased, analytical, and theoretical research, or some combination of these approaches. The focus of these research activities ranges from local areas in Indiana, to other parts of the U.S. (such as at the IU Geologic Field Station in Montana), to Canada, to the Caribbean and tropics, to Europe, Asia, and South America, to the oceans, to studies of globalscale phenomena, and to the Moon and Mars. Various thematic research fields, such as Astrobiology and Geoarchaeology, are also represented by wellfunded programs within the Department

MS degree in geological science or other allied science, 3 letters of recommendation, TOELF for nonnative English speakers, researchfocused personal statement

Environmental Geologist, Meteorologist, Mineralogist, Paleontologist, Petrologist, Academics, Researcher

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