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Economics phd in Georgia institute of technology

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The program is unique in its focus on the common globalization and innovation issues that interconnect environmental economics, industrial organization and international economics. It emphasizes the economic forces that generate the impetus for individuals to compete globally and analyzes the interrelated effects that these forces have on the environment, international trade, and the behavior of firms in a variety of industrial sectors in the U.S. In the new millennium, globalization and creative activity, as fundamental precursors and outputs of industrial activities, have important implications for environmental, trade, and industrial policies. Policy changes in one arena (e.g. trade) may have significant effects in other areas (e.g. environment, antitrust). There is an increasing demand for PhD economists who have the training and skill sets to carefully think through these issues.

Academic degrees and records,The statement of purpose, Letters of recommendation, Resume,Relevant work experience

Positions in business and government, Applying to graduate programs in fields like business, law and economics, Work in economics or public policy

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