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Phd in ecological psychology in University of connecticut

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Students pursue a program of study that will provide them with the intellectual and technical skills demanded by problems in Ecological Psychology. Courses withinPsychology include Ecological and Computational Theories of Perception, Control and Coordination of Movement, Ecological Foundations of Psychology, EcologicalSocial Psychology, Nonlinear Dynamics and Movement Control I and II, Introduction to Complex Systems, Applied Time Series Analysis, Dynamics and Language,Approaches to Emergent Structure, and Evolution and Development. Firm footing in the computational perspective is provided by courses in Sensory Mechanisms,Cognitive Systems Theory, Cognitive Neuroscience, Measuring and Modeling Neural Activity, and Connectionism. Two basic courses in statistical methods arerequired and may be augmented by courses in Causal Modeling or Measurement and Scaling. Depending on a particular student s interests, courses outside ofPsychology are commonly taken and have included biomechanics, computer graphics, embryology, evolutionary biology, neurobiology, philosophy of mind,philosophy of psychology, philosophy of language, philosophy of physics, nonlinear dynamics, differential equations, and tensor calculus.

A baccalaureate degree or its equivalent from a regionally accredited college or university, Official Transcripts, TOEFL: 79 (Internet-based test - iBT), 550 ( Old Paper-based test - PBT), IELTS-6.5, PTE-53

Ecology Psychologist, Ecological Market Research Analyst, Ecology Psychology Professor

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