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Aircraft maintenance technician basic training in Northern lights college

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Aircraft Maintenance Technician means a person who performs inspections and troubleshooting of an aircraft, including airframe structures, engines and aircraft systems, disassembles and removes defective parts, assembles and installs replacement parts, interprets technical manuals, drawings and blueprints, tests aircraft systems, records problems and actions taken to rectify them, and maintains an accurate statement of the maintenance history of the aircraft

Provide British Columbia secondary school transcripts or equivalent indicating successful completion ofEnglish 11 or equivalent, Math 11 or equivalent, CAAT Minimum requirements areReading Comprehension 12.0 grade equivalent or higher, Number Operations 11.0 grade equivalent or higher, Problem Solving 11.0 grade equivalent or higher, Mechanical Reasoning 5170 or higher, Submit the completed application form, transcripts of secondary and postsecondary education, and any other required information specified in the program's Admission Prerequisites, submit it with copies of transcripts, English language test results, and a copy of the photo page of your passport

Aircraft Maintenance Technicians, General Aircrafts, PistonDriven Airplanes, Helicopters Or Jets

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