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Enhanced carpenter foundation training in Northern lights college

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The Enhanced Carpentry Foundation Program is a 32week program during which students earn credit for Carpentry Levels 1 and 2 technical training. Theoretical and practical instruction is provided through a variety of projects including stairs, forms for concrete, framed floors, walls and roofs, finishing work and rigginghoisting. Students will spend approximately seventy percent of their time in practical skills development building a construction project from start to lockup stage.

Provide British Columbia secondary school transcripts or equivalent indicating successful completion of Grade 10 level that includes Grade 10 English, Grade 10 Math, Submit the completed application form, transcripts of secondary and postsecondary education, and any other required information specified in the program's Admission Prerequisites, submit it with copies of transcripts, English language test results, and a copy of the photo page of your passport

Opportunities Exist In The Local And Regional Industry For Carpenters

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