How to choose the best curriculum school for your child in the UAE

How to choose the best curriculum school for your child in the UAE

As a parent, you know how difficult it is to provide your children with a good education.In their foundation years, the biggest piece of work for parents is to enrol their child in the best school that provides a quality education and secures their future. In order to provide the best education, you need to be aware of many school curriculums in the education field and go for the best curriculum out of those. Concerning selecting the best curriculum schools in the UAE, you should know that every area contributes to the development of the country, and so does the field of education. In recent years, the country +has adopted several curricula in schools and different regulations and bodies for their supervision. 

You need to choose a board that aligns with your child’s dreams. A curriculum plays a vital role and bedrocks your child's future. But the question remains, how to choose the best curriculum and which one is the best? Let us take a glance at the most accepted and top curriculum schools in the UAE that the government has to offer.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The IB curriculum has a lot to offer the students from a very early age and is specially designed to develop the personal skills of the student, which are broadly required by the students in their after-school lives. It develops by focusing on creativity, critical thinking, team leadership, and an independent level of understanding in students. 

Some top IB schools in the UAE are

  • North London Collegiate School

  • Nord Anglia International School

  • JESS (Arabian Ranches)

  • GEMS World Academy

  • Deira International School

  • GEMS Wellington International School

  • British International School, Abu Dhabi

American Curriculum

The leading benefit of this curriculum is that it does not burden students with a yearly examination pattern that can be stressful for students, instead, it focuses more on the regular assessment of the student that is carried out throughout the year in a wide range of courses. 

The teachers make sure that the students are constantly working on their personal development, and the subjects that are not mastered properly can be worked on again. 

Some of the best American Curriculum schools in the UAE are-

  • Dunecrest American School

  • American School of Dubai

  • Collegiate International

  • GEMS Al Khaleej International School

  • GEMS Dubai American Academy

  • Dubai National School, Al Barsha

British Curriculum

It is also popularly known as the "National Curriculum for England" and focuses on improving skills and creativity while providing flexibility to the students. The ruling factor of this curriculum is that it is widely accepted by the majority of universities around the globe, and the qualifications received from these schools are widely recognized in the world. The curriculum comprises a number of year blocks known as ‘Key Stages’ and it is strictly monitored by the British government. 

Some of the British Curriculum schools in the UAE are:

  • Dubai English Speaking College

  • Hartland International

  • Kent College

  • Safa British School

  • Horizon International School

  • GEMS Wellington, AL Khail

Indian Curriculum (CBSE/ICSE)

The Indian curriculum in the UAE offers two choices to the students; CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education). The pattern that CBSE schools follow is segregated into segments that are taught the whole year. Subjects like Mathematics, Science and Languages are focused upon. The curriculum is said to have set high standards and is academically tough as it requires a lot more memorizing things than practical learning. 

To name a few schools-

  • Springdales School

  • Delhi Private School

  • Our Own English High School

  • The Indian High School

  • JSS Private

  • Our Own Indian School

Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is more focused on learning through projects, and it makes sure that the students learn sufficient material in their school time so as to work smoothly in their professional lives later on. The curriculum is accepted by the most recognized universities in the world and provides students with a wide range of academic options to choose from. 

Top Australian Curriculum Schools in the UAE 

  • Australian International School, Sharjah

  • Victoria International School of Sharjah


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