Al Faris International School- Riyadh

Riyadh , Saudi Arabia

  • Day School

  • 2004

  • SR 37K-45K

    • IB

School History & Details

Al Faris International School (FIS), which opened its doors in 2004, is a fully approved IB Global School and was given the go-ahead to start offering the Primary Years Program and Middle Years Program in 2016 and the IB Diploma Program in 2017. In addition, the school is accredited by US Schools and Colleges organisation, Cognia (previously Advanced) and grants a US High School Certificate to graduates.

    School Values

  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • Care
  • Integrity
  • The goal of Al Faris International School is to create a school based on strong dedication, teamwork, and academic success among staff, students, and parents. Our commitment to offering unmatched, yet reasonably priced, education of the highest calibre, in a secure and energising atmosphere employing the most cutting-edge and efficient resources, is motivated by the goal to develop innovative, autonomous leaders who will benefit the worldwide community.

School Achievements


Statistics from the 2017–18 academic year, the first year that FIS students took the IB Diploma, show that FIS students achieved an average point score of 35 (well above the global average), with the highest award for a single student being 41 points. This was one year prior to the last academic year in which exams were held due to the Covid 19 pandemic (4 points away from the maximum of 45). Students who passed the graduation examination had an average mark of 5.52/7 at their school.
Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

Graduates of the FIS programme are admitted into prestigious schools and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and throughout the world, where they go on to achieve tremendous personal and professional success in a variety of contexts.

School Information

A exciting learning environment may be created in the classroom using interactive whiteboards, sometimes known as "smartboards," which enable teachers to include multimedia presentations, video/audio,...View moreView Less

Mrs. Sahar Al Marzouki ( Director)




Subjects & Curriculum Offered

  • Chemistry
  • Biology HL
  • Physics HL
  • Computer Science SL
  • Computer Science HL
  • History SL
  • Mathematics
  • English Language and Literature SL
  • Arabic B HL
  • Arabic ab initio SL
  • French B SL
  • French ab initio 
  • Biology SL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Physics SL