Al Kawthar International Schools

Jeddah , Saudi Arabia

  • Day School

  • 2012

    • IB

School History & Details

The Al Kawthar International Schools (KIS) was established in 2012 and are the first IB International Baccalaureate schools in Saudi Arabia. A multilingual education they favor that between the varied standard of Cambridge, the national curriculum and the IB programs ensures harmony.
To providing the students with a high quality education the schools are therefore committed that emphasizes the problem solving, skills development, international sensitivity, while fostering diversity, curiosity and thirst for learning and to be successful throughout their lives. For the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) the KIS is now candidate and further for the Diploma Program (DP) at the Secondary level in both French and English.
The KIS started offering the Cambridge English Program in 2018, to prepare the students for progression to the Cambridge exams for high school and beyong. With an international prespective they provide excellent British Style education, within a safe environment, where the individuals feel respected, valued, secure, successful and happy.
For boys and girls both the sections maintain classes. Specific characteristics each has yet to the school's vision, mission and values shares the unified commitment that are woven into their programs- For primary and lower secondary, high School levels the IB program and Cambridge program. Enriching curriculum they offer that promote the students of both the schools to become the speakers of three languages: English, French and Arabic.
The KIS offers a broad academic curriculum and strives for academic excellence, supported by two co-curricular program to develop holistic learners. At KIS the students eligible for a high school diploma must, as a minimum, satisfactorily complete the requirements as outlined in BRITISH Diploma Graduation Requirements. The IB Diploma Program the students entering will be offered the courses listed in the IB Diploma Program Courses IN FRENCH langues etc.

School Information

The Al Kawthar International Schools campus has a great variety of facilities and resources to facilitate the development of the students. Per international specifications their school facilities ar...View moreView Less

Al Kawthar International Schools Group.


Mrs. Abeer Alsunaidi.



7983 King Abdulaziz Branch Rd, Al Mohammadiyyah, Jeddah 23618, Saudi Arabia

Subjects & Curriculum Offered

  • Analysis and Approaches HL
  • Analysis and Approaches SL
  • Applications and Interpretations HL
  • Applications and Interpretations SL
  • Arabic ab initio SL
  • Arabic B HL
  • Arabic B SL
  • Biology HL
  • Biology SL
  • Business Management HL
  • Business Management SL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Computer Science HL
  • Computer Science SL
  • Design Technology HL
  • Design Technology SL
  • Economics HL
  • Economics SL
  • English A: Literature HL
  • English A: Literature SL
  • English language and literature HL
  • English Language and Literature SL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies HL
  • Environmental Systems and Societies SL
  • French ab initio 
  • French B SL
  • Global Politics HL
  • Global Politics SL
  • History – Africa and Middle East HL
  • History – Asia and Oceania HL
  • History – Europe HL
  • History – United States of America HL
  • IT GS HL
  • IT GS SL
  • Literature and Performance SL
  • Music HL
  • Music SL
  • Philosophy HL
  • Philosophy SL
  • Physics HL
  • Physics SL
  • Psychology HL
  • Psychology SL
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology HL
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology SL
  • Spanish ab initio SL
  • Sports Exercise and Health Science HL
  • Sports Exercise and Health Science SL
  • Visual Arts HL
  • Visual Arts SL
  • World Religions SL