Killarney Secondary School

Vancouver, Canada

  • Day School

  • 1957

  • $ 2.5K-2.5K

    • Canadian

School History & Details

The Killarney Secondary School is based at Vancouver, Canada. Due to the large number of pioneering Irish immigrants in the South Vancouver area, the school was called Killarney, Ireland, and opened its doors in the autumn of 1957. In the first year, there were just four levels (grades 7 to 10) with 1,260 pupils and 52 teachers. Grades 11 and 12 were added in 1958, respectively. 1960 saw the first graduating class. By the 1990s, there were more options for students to select from. There were numerous international field trips. Clubs included the Christian Fellowship, the Environment Club, and Students Affirming Gender Equality (SAGE). In the 1990s, there were other clubs for photography, anime, and computers, which reflected the advancement of technology. The school like that grew to be one of the finest schools in the region. 

    School Values

    Killarney Secondary School's environment shall be in line with the objectives of the province, district and community that focuses on the enhancement of each student's attitude, knowledge, and skills. Respect and collaboration are fostered at the school.
    It promotes self-esteem from personal learning accomplishment and encourages the conduct that is appropriate for a responsible citizen.

School Achievements


For 13 years running, Killarney Secondary School has been in the top third by the University of Columbia Mathematics Department that has been releasing a specific annual study of B.C. secondary schools since at least 1987. The largest and most diverse fine arts programme in Vancouver is found in Killarney Secondary School. It has a band, choral, and strings programme that is well-known around the world as well as award-winning drama and art/graphics programmes. 
School Achievements

Non-Academic Achievements

Students at the Killarney Secondary School are doing exceptionally well in various championships and events. They have ween awarded at the few also. 
Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

Kellarney Secondary School Alumni are as follows: 1. Angela Cow: Celebrity 2. Avan Jogia: Actor 3. Colin Mochrie: Comedian 5. Kelly Yu: Singer 6. Matt Franette: Drummer

School Information

Killarney Secondary School is based at Vancouver, Canada. The school over the year has grown to be one of the finest school delivering education from generations to generations. The school though star...View moreView Less

Kal Gill

Nick Despotakis



6454 Killarney Street Vancouver, V5S 2X7

Subjects & Curriculum Offered

  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • English – Language & Literature 
  • Languages
  • Science