New Westminster Secondary School

New Westminster, Canada

  • Day School

  • 1960

    • IB

School History & Details

New Westminster Secondary School stands today as a symbol of hope and determination. Its history is as rich and varied as the people who have called it home. Founded in 1960, New Westminster Secondary School has witnessed the ebbs and flows of time. Over the years, it has seen countless students come and go, each leaving their mark on the school and the wider community. Some have gone on to become business leaders, politicians, artists, and athletes, while others have remained close to home, contributing to the growth and development of the city. Today, as it prepares to enter its next century of existence, New Westminster Secondary School remains a beacon of hope for generations of students to come. With a proud history behind it and a bright future ahead, it continues to stand as a testament to the enduring power of education and community.

    School Values

    New Westminster Secondary School's core values have been ingrained in the culture for decades. The school is more than just a place of learning; it is a community that upholds these values to ensure that students grow to be responsible, ethical, and contributing members of society. The first value is Respect. Respect is the foundation of all relationships, be it with fellow students, teachers, staff, or even the environment. They encourage students to practice respect every day by being courteous, inclusive, and tolerant of others. This creates an atmosphere of safety and mutual understanding where students can thrive academically, socially, and emotionally. Another value is Integrity. The school expects students to demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and accountability in all aspects of their school life. By adhering to these principles, students develop strong character and become trustworthy and reliable individuals who contribute positively to the community. The school also believes in the value of Excellence. At New Westminster Secondary School, students are challenged to be the best they can be, academically and beyond. The school provides opportunities for students to develop their talents and skills through various programs, activities, and clubs.  At New Westminster Secondary School, these values form the pillars of the school culture, shaping students' minds, attitudes, and behavior. 

School Achievements


The New Westminster Secondary School has truly surpassed all expectations with its outstanding academic achievements. Not only has the school maintained a remarkable reputation for producing well-rounded and intelligent individuals. The school's faculty and staff members are truly dedicated to ensuring the success of every student. With a wide array of programs and courses that cater to all levels and abilities, students are given the tools to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. It's no surprise that the school's academic achievements continue to impress year after year. With consistently high grades and a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, students are not only encouraged to excel academically, but also to develop their skills in various other areas such as athletics, music, and the arts. Furthermore, the school's academic excellence has not gone unnoticed by post-secondary institutions. New Westminster Secondary School alumni have gone on to attend some of the top universities and colleges across Canada and beyond.  
School Achievements

Non-Academic Achievements

New Westminster Secondary School is more than just an academic institution. It is a place where students can explore their interests and talents beyond the classroom, and where they can engage in a variety of extracurricular activities that foster personal growth and development. One of the most notable non-academic achievements of New Westminster Secondary School is its highly successful sports program. The school boasts several championship-winning teams, including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Perhaps the most significant non-academic achievement of New Westminster Secondary School is its commitment to diversity and inclusion. The school values all students regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. It provides a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, promoting respect and understanding among its student body.
Notable Alumni

Notable Alumni

Some of the alumni members of New Westminster Secondary School- Justin Morneau– Major League Baseball player Bill Ranford– Professional National Hockey League player. Todd Ewen – Professional National Hockey League player Peter Julian– Canadian Member of Parliament  Ryu Sera – South Korean singer Eva Markvoort – Miss New Westminster 2002

School Information

 The New Westminster Secondary School campus is the perfect place to learn and grow. The sprawling campus is spread over several acres and boasts some of the most state-of-the-art facilities. From i...View moreView Less

Murray McLeod

Susana Quan



820 Sixth Street, New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, V3M 3S9

Subjects & Curriculum Offered

  • Chemistry
  • Biology HL
  • Physics HL
  • Design Technology SL
  • Design Technology HL
  • Computer Science SL
  • Computer Science HL
  • History SL
  • Mathematics
  • English A: Literature HL
  • English A: Literature SL
  • English language and literature HL
  • English Language and Literature SL
  • Literature and Performance SL
  • History – Africa and Middle East HL
  • History – United States of America HL
  • History – Asia and Oceania HL
  • History – Europe HL
  • Biology SL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Physics SL
  • Music HL
  • Music SL
  • Visual Arts HL
  • Visual Arts SL